Brake Services

Whether it be a large truck or the smallest of economy cars, proper brake operation is paramount to your safety and those around you. Today’s vehicles are equipped with sensors and warning lights to alert you that there is a brake fault present. Often though, it’s the feel of the pedal, distance to stop, and noise when applied that can alert you to potential problems. Our technicians are experts at identifying these problems, and professionally restoring proper brake performance.

Warning Signs

Illumination on the instrument cluster of the “ABS”, “BRAKE”, or brake symbol. Spongy or slow to respond brake pedal. The need for increased pressure being applied to the brake pedal to stop or slow the vehicle. Grinding or squealing noises when braking. Steering wheel “shimmy” or pulsating sensation when braking.


ABS stands for anti-lock brakes, and is a system found on most vehicles today. Wheel speed sensors send signals to a computer which will then compare these signals, and apply the brakes in such a manner as to avoid skidding. ABS brake systems generally improve vehicle control and decrease stopping distances on slippery surfaces or in panic stops. A fault in any of the ABS components will trigger the “ABS” light to illuminate.

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