Fleet Services

Fleet Services at MACARA Vehicle Services

At MACARA Vehicle Services our customer service team and skilled technicians are happy to assist local businesses with the maintenance of their commercial fleet of vehicles. We can take care of all aspects of the servicing, repairs and maintenance of your company fleet.

We know that if your commercial fleet of vehicles are not out on the road, then your business is most likely losing money. Preventing problems with your vehicles is always key, and with regular servicing and maintenance, we can help your business avoid the potential of catastrophic problems that can arise when a company vehicle breaks down unexpectedly. At MACARA we have taken a step further; we fully appreciate how demanding managing a fleet of company vehicles can be, and more importantly, what disruption it can cause to your business when something goes wrong with one of your vehicles. Our range of garage services for business operators will deal with all aspects of vehicle service and repairs for your company’s cars, vans, trucks or light commercial vehicles. 

We are here to help make your life easier; so that you can focus on what you and your business do best!

Keeping your business on the road
Our commitment to you, our customers, is to keep your business on the move. With regular servicing and repairs we hope to maintain your fleet of vehicles, keeping them in a good state of repair and reducing the risk of faults and breakdowns that can cost you time and money.

In the event of something unexpectedly going wrong; we are here to respond and will always endeavor to get your company vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. As a professional garage we offer a full range of services to help local businesses manage the maintenance of their fleet of commercial vehicles.


At MACARA Vehicle Services you can rest assured that you are dealing with a team of skilled technicians with over 80 years of expertise and experience servicing and maintaining most makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and light commercial vehicles. When our technicians perform a service or repair they will always endeavor to preempt any further potential faults that may result in your vehicle being off the road.


As part of our proactive commercial service we try to advise our clients in advance of their vehicles needing a service, so that contingency plans can be made to avoid any disruption to your business.


Your time is precious in a competitive world, so we offer a pick up and return service throughout the greater Norwich area (certain limits apply).

Some of the great features, benefits and service types offered at MACARA



  • Routine Safety Check
  • Pre-Set Fleet Pricing
  • Detailed Record Keeping
  • Warranty Work
  • DOT Inspections completed on-site


  • Tradesmen Fleets
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers / Lawn Care
  • Construction
  • Plow Trucks, Plows, and Sanders
  • Car Fleets
  • Emergency Fleets
  • Hotel Fleets
  • Limousine Fleets
  • Shuttle Fleets
  • Taxi Fleets
  • Van/Delivery Fleets


MACARA offers your employees our services at the same rates we extend to your business:

  • Pick-up/Drop-off from any Norwich Area Business
  • Safety Inspection & Full Report (each time their car is serviced)
  • Personal Maintenance Records (kept by our certified staff)
  • Fleet Pricing on Labor



so that you can focus on what you and your business do best!

Happy Customers

MACARA always makes time for my car. They go above and beyond to make sure my car is safe for me and my 1 year old. At the end of the service Rob always comes over to explain everything to me. They are the best!

Jillien O.

These guys are great!! Get the job done right and are very clear when they diagnose your problems and what needs to be fixed and when. I’ll be going back many more times and recommending them to friends.

Robin E.

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